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The Dessert finalists for the 2022
Cal-Mex Invitational

Marco Colin

Recipe: Winter Corn

Description: Featuring Pan de Elote, a traditional Mexican sweet cake made with fresh corn, this dessert is topped with ice cream made with California queso fresco and drizzled with a rich, buttery caramel sauce.

Featured Cheeses:

  • Queso Fresco
Cal Mex Dessert

Manny Barella

Recipe: Carlota de Limon

Description: Carlota de Limon delivers a refreshing, sweet flavor profile by pairing the taste of fresh limes with Real California Requeson, heavy cream, cream cheese, and vanilla, with a Maria cookie added to pack a subtle, yet signature crunch.

Featured Cheeses:

  • Requeson
  • Cream Cheese
Cal Mex Dessert
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