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The Entrée finalists for the 2022
Cal-Mex Invitational

Claud Beltran

Recipe: Grilled Panela and Eggplant

Description: This plant-forward entrée pops with fresh flavor and color. Featuring grilled California Panela cheese and eggplant on a bed of Mexican Crema corn succotash, and finished with roasted tomatoes and fried California Cotija cheese bites.

Featured Cheeses:

  • Mexican Crema Fresca
  • Cotija
  • Panela
Cal Mex Entree

Mark Casale

Recipe: Crab and Requeson Relleno

Description: Crab and Requeson Relleno pairs Real California Cheeses: Requeson, Oaxaca, and Cotija with fresh crab meat, Pablano chiles, and chipotle adobo sauce for a fresh, spicy bite.

Featured Cheeses:

  • Requeson
  • Cotija
  • Oaxaca
  • Mexican Crema Agria
Cal Mex Entree
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